A Look Inside The Tres Chic Style Brand.... Celebrating 5 Years!

If you're a fabulous reader of this lil' outlet titled Tres Chic Style then you're aware of the evolution of this dynamic brand. If you're not...This editorial is for you! 

The History:

I'm a lover of all things fabulous. Always primping in the mirror as a child, sharing style advice with my fellow classmates and always inspired by fashion savvy women in my life... Thanks Mommy!

My childhood days were mired with Sunday's at church watching the "Hat Lady's" in all their glory, episodes of All My Children and and flipping through the pages of Ebony magazine in search of the monthly Fashion Fair editorials. 

Fast forward and having found myself in corporate America stuck on a trading floor at a Wall Street firm I always wanted more. I needed to sit front row at NYFW and dish on the latest beauty finds. I sashayed my 3 inch stilettos on out the door and Tres Chic Style was born!

The Name... Tres Chic means "Very Stylish" in French. After my first visit to Paris, I emerged back to the states realizing that term was so befitting of all things Kishana. 

Tres Chic Boutique:
In the Fall of 2007 Tres Chic Boutique set it's sights on my hometown of Brooklyn. Tres Chic Boutique was inspired out of my love for fashion and favorite childhood soap opera, All My Children. 

The beloved character Myrtle Fargate owned a boutique called the "Glamorama" . I would rearrange the furniture in my Barbie Dream House and even made a "Glamorama" sign that I affixed to the door...Yes, I was serious! So naturally when I was afforded the opportunity to live my dreams, it was going to be all things Fabulous!

Tres Chic Style: 
With the success of the boutique, I envisioned a place where I could share my daily take on fashion beyond the walls of my business. Tres Chic Style was born. My first editorial was published on October 8, 2007. I was quickly a "Blogging Fool"! I developed over 150 post in just one month and realized my passion was born and realized.  Tres Chic Style Blog was the blue print for my foray into the fashion and beauty industry.

Tres Chic Foundation: The Tres Chic Foundation aspires to develop and implement workshops, seminars, camps and other activities. These are designed to build self-esteem and promote cultural, educational, health, physical fitness, social, professional development and volunteerism among youth of all social economic backgrounds that suffer from low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and peer pressure. The foundation’s primary focus is to work with underprivileged and disadvantaged teenage girls between the ages of 11 and 17.

Tres Chic Style TV: Tres Chic Style TV is the latest endeavor in the widely successful Tres Chic Style brand.  Derived from a fashion & beauty blog of the same name. Tres Chic Style (www.treschicstyle.net) is a culmination of unique personalities, companies, events and trends that shape the fashion universe and beyond. 

Tres Chic Style TV: http://www.youtube.com/user/TresChicStyle?feature=mhum#p/a
Mingle Media TV: http://www.minglemediatv.com/TresChicStyleTV.html

Tres Chic Style Radio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/treschicstyle

To date, Tres Chic Style has welcomed over 10 million visitors and will be celebrating it's 5th Anniversary in October. The brand has opened the doors for philanthropic efforts, strategic brand partnerships, national and local shopping events, television show, radio show and a public relations & media empire, The Holland Group PR

 It's been an amazing 5 years... I hope you enjoy your Tres Chic Style as I enjoy delivering it!