PureCeuticals....My Current Beauty Obsession...

It's a beauty obsessed world we live in and I'm certainly guilty of dwelling in it.. With no apologies!
I adore a great beauty product. I'm  afforded the opportunity to try some of the hautest beauty finds on the market and naturally share my faves with you on this fabulous lil outlet called Tres Chic Style.

Fashion/Beauty trends may come and go... Flawless skin is seasonless and is truly one of your best assets. You can visit the MAC counter every other Saturday snagging the latest lip glass, bronzer or shadow. While the vibrant hues may compliment your personal style and attitude, the skin underneath your palette needs some TLC as well.

Take a peek at some products I'm currently smitten with....

Multi-Enzyme Pumpkin Peel, PureCeuticals, $40

I adore a great peel... The results are always amazing while delivering a natural glow we all desire after cleansing. 

Why I Love It: The pumpkin fresh aroma reminds me of an Autumn day. Infused with 5% pumpkin pulp puree, it not only exfoliates but improves the clarity and texture of my skin in ten short minutes. My skin looks fresh, revived and radiant. 

Apple Stem Cell Lightning Serum,  Purceuticals, $52

If you're an avid reader of Tres Chic Style you must be aware of my obsession with serums. Serums are my  quick "Pick me Up's" and "Miracle in a Bottle" on any given day. 

Why I Love It: I live in the desert, which means all this sunshine ain't exactly pretty on my skin. Some days the climate is so dry I find myself applying moisturizer 3-4 times a day. The Apple Stem Cell Serum is designed for skin types that are exposed to stressful climates such as Nevada. I slather a dime sized amount on my forehead, cheeks and chin before my moisturizer and I'm out the door.. Looking fabulous I might add!

Learn more about PureCeuticals Here.