Crushing for Velvet... Chic Velvet Looks For Fall

Soft, classic and crush velvet is a haute trend for Fall.  Each time I see velvet I'm instantly reminded of holiday gatherings and memories from childhood. My mom loved those frilly dresses for holiday's. I can remember the bodice being constructed of lace or a polyester/satin blend with a full velvet skirt. Velvet tends to represent a sense of style with touches of regal elegance. 

Fast forward and velvet has made it's debut on just about every Fall runway, magazine advertisement and retailer. The season has embraced the rich jeweled hues and miraculously won a place in our fashionable hearts.

About The Trend: 

  • Velvet is best deployed when worn in small doses. Opting for head to toe velvet is always an option (as seen in the middle image above), however pulling this look off effortlessly for non-super models can be a daunting task. It can tend to deliver dated look ... Ugh, sort of like a gypsy! 
  • A velvet separate can update a look while adding an element of luxury.
  • Pair a velvet blazer with a simple white tee, jeans and some chic accessories and Voila!
  • It can serve as a "Bonjour" (Hello) to the Fall season and an "Au Revoir' (Farewell) to Summer. 
  • Don't overlook accessories... They're a myriad of ways to add slight touches of velvet. Velvet loafers, hats and even jewelry have taken their respective place in this trend.