Chic Review: GK Hair 4 IN ONE Curling Iron

Who doesn't crave Hollywood hair? Global Keratin has made it simple and easy for you to snag the latest red carpet looks in the comfort of your own home. Love beachy waves or sultry spirals... GH Hair 4 In One Curling Iron not only get's you the look you desire but a day filled with... "Who Does Your Hair" ? 

About: Global Keratin 4-in-1 Curling Iron is the ONLY iron you'll ever need for versatile styles with incredible curls or waves. Complete with four inter-changeable barrel heads in sizes 1/2', 3/4', 1 1/4" and 1 1/2".  *It also includes a heat resistant glove that enables temperature control and handle very simple. 

The Benefits:

  • Clipless Curling Irons
  • Adjustable heat, up to 430F/230C
  • Digital Display
  • Ceramic/Tourmaline Heads
  • Negative Ions to promote smoother, silkier hair
  • Far-Infared Technology
  • Swivel cord to prevent from tangle

If you're a fabulous reader of Tres Chic Style you must realize how much I adore AMAZING hair. I'm always experimenting with styles and have an affection for tousled looks that require little maintenance or prep-time. With two little ones and a demanding career I need to get going with ease and still look fabulous.

Just a few looks I've created with the GK Iron....

My photos represent just a sampling of the looks that can be created with the GK 4 In One. Spirals, luxe ringlets and even simple curls like the look on the bottom left. 

Why I Love It: 

  • So simple and easy to use
  • The digital display... You know how much heat you're placing on your hair!
  • Takes about 20 minutes for a finished look
  • Ideal for travel
  • The swivel cord... No more tangled cords!
  • Takes about a minute to heat up
  • The Compliments... The Compliments!
Overall Thoughts: While I was fortunate to receive this product for review not everyone is afforded the same opportunity. At a price point of $200, the iron set is definitely an investment and something you may think twice about. When you look at all the straighteners and irons on the market (and probably your closets), the price tag adds up. If you could replace your old irons with one product and rest assured you'd have all you needed.. Would You?

The iron works also well on extensions (Uh, hello...) delivers that "Just Stepped Out Of The Salon Look" EVERYDAY! This is a great holiday gift item for the busy mom who wants to look good but is crunched on salon time or the teen who wants to look like her favorite starlet without the hefty price tag for mom. The possibilities and looks are endless with this styling tool. Step into your FABULOUS!

*Still curious about the GK 4 In One?? Read More Here.

We're unveiling Part II of our review with a video where you can actually see the results before your eyes. Stay tuned to Tres Chic Style, you don't want to miss this!