There She Is.... Tres Chic Style Covers The 92nd Annual Miss AmericaPageant Preliminaries

There's one woman that dreams... She dreams of helping others, inspiring the world and becoming an iconic symbol of beauty and scholarship. She is Miss America!

The gorgeous Planet Hollywood and Resort is Las Vegas is home to the Miss America Organization and will set the stage for one of the world's most glamorous events in history. Miss America embodies the spirit of our great nation and it was a memorable experience to be a part of.

I was a special guest of Amway Artistry, the official skin are and cosmetics provider of Miss America. If you're a fabulous reader of Tres Chic Style you know all too well how smitten I am with the Amway Artistry brand. Artistry epitomizes the message of The Miss America Organization. With a commitment to celebrate the beauty of every woman, Artistry assists women in realizing their own beauty.

I was afforded the opportunity to receive a sneak peek of the Miss America Contestants and naturally had some favorites. The ladies exude grace, poise and unparalleled beauty. The ladies came to the pageant with families, signs and "Cow Bells" in tow! Yes, one contestant' s family brought along cow bells to cheer her on. Talk about genius... Then there were touching moments, Miss Washington DC shared her personal experience with breast cancer. Having lost her mom and sixteen, as well as her grandmother and great aunt she's made the courageous decision to undergo a voluntary mastectomy to alleviate her chances of becoming a victim to the deadly disease.

There were a few slips along the way, but in true Miss America style the ladies sashayed with grace and confidence. Miss Puerto Rico displayed an interesting accessory last night... Her crutches! She's recovering from a sprained ankle but twirled and limped that stage like a true rock star!

The best moment for me was listening to Miss America 1962 Jacqueline Mayer-Townsend. Her story and journey through life brought tears to everyone's eyes. From her travels during her reign to the amazing work she's done post Miss America, Jacqueline embodies what Miss America is all about. She stressed the importance of helping others and believing in your dreams.

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