Chic Travel Must-Haves.....

April 17, 2013

Chic Travel Must-Haves....

It's almost summer and Tres Chic Style has delivered a few snazzy items to make your travels easy breezy this season...

Swathe offers travel and storage solutions for fashionistas with discriminating taste. With a myriad of items ranging from travel bags, jewelry covers,  boot covers to bridal finds, Swathe has something for everyone. 

Unmentionable Travel Bag, $24.00
Gone are the days of traveling with unmentionables in your carry-on unprotected from the hands of the TSA officials. Swathe has developed unique and sassy ways to keep items protected while looking all kinds of fabulous. 

With two separate compartments to labeled "Fresh" & "Not So Fresh", re-packing for the return trip home is simple.

And for the Shoe Divas.......

Shoe Cover, $26.00

Protecting our prized possessions are not an easy task! While we always attempt to pack like a pro, oftentimes they tend to receive a few bumps & bruises no matter how careful we are. The Swathe individual shoe covers allow you to travel with your precious cargo in style and even protects up to a 4' heel. Affordable enough for all your shoes and makes the perfect addition to any closet. 
Available in three stunning hues, Melon, Raspberry and Natural and can even be monogrammed!

For additional information and to purchase your own,

Snuz Sac U Blanket & Pillow, $33.00

I'm on an airplane at least four times per month and my number one complaint (besides delayed flights) is that I'm always cold. Airline blankets have never suited my fancy and are usually thin and provide little to no warmth. I discovered the Lug Snuz Sac U Blanket & Pillow and my travels haven't been the same since.

The pillow is super soft, which allows for a great snooze session. The blanket is soft, comfy and actually reaches my toes! Available in seven gorgeous colors and definitely a travel must-have!
Snag yours, here

Royce Passport Jacket, $35.19

I'm chic, fabulous and all about the little "extras" in life... My passport has an arsenal of amazing jackets always armed and ready for the next excursion. 
Royce's leather foil stamped passport jacket delivers a dose of fab and is oh' so pretty.

Available in Wild Berry (shown above), black and tan. 
You know you want one... Order, Here!