The Moment I Fell In Love With Fashion....

As a blogger and lover of all things fabulous I'm often asked about my love for the fashion industry and where it all came from. The answer is pretty simple.. I was born this way! *Insert Giggle Here* 
Seriously, I was fortunate to be born into a family of strong, vibrant and fashionable women. They weren't rich and dripping in diamonds but realized style was an essential part of who they were and they embraced it with no apologies.

That's me at 6... Always Fabulous!

My fondest fashion memories date back to being around 5 or 6 years old and watching my great grandma Viola in church. She loved a fab millinery design and owned the most stylish outerwear on the planet. At 9 I can remember her telling me a lady should always have a gorgeous coat, hat and handbag. 20+ years later the sentiment still resonates with me. My mom, grandma and aunts all loved to shop. They weren't your typical shoppers either. They headed to department stores armed with agendas and had a keen sense of detail.

My mom was the fashion risk taker and would experiment with geographic prints, over the top hats on Sunday and sky-high stilettos that made the elders in the sanctuary do a double take. She was my first professor of style and educated me on the importance of purchasing a properly fitted garment. I'm guilty of going through the "too tight is right" stage and believing that was actually a cute look.

While most of my friends were playing with Barbie's, I was the little girl setting up runway stages on her dresser top with a Mickey Mouse record player serving as DJ. I'd primp and prance in the mirror for hours actually believing I was an extra on Dynasty. I mastered the art of walking in heels (4 sizes too big) when most girls were learning to roller skate. I was sipping tea at the Plaza on my sweet sixteen in a custom designed mink jacket. My godmother felt it was necessary for me to be exposed to luxury early in life and I agreed. 

I am so fortunate to be able to recall these meomories and the wonderful individuals attached to them. My love affair with fashion wasn't by accident or something I stumbled upon one day. It's always been a part of my DNA and for that I make absolutely no apologies for it.