Chic Beauty Review: Putting bare Minerals Original Foundation to the Test

I'm always in search of the perfect foundation. I'm always open to trying new brands but must admit I'm often guarded when it comes to using mineral foundation. As a beautynista with brown skin I'm always concerned about coverage and appropriately matching foundation hues to my skin. I'm extremely active (as you probably already know) so living in the desert and continually being in the sun doesn't exactly help. 

So with a double ounce of courage I swished my heavy liquid foundation away and was ready (yet scared) to embrace the other side of the foundation world. My bare Minerals artist Alex was super sweet and explained the importance of choosing the perfect match when applying mineral foundation. I expressed my concerns ranging from the dreaded grey tone to covering and hiding my dark spots and under eye circles. 

After what seemed like all of 3 minutes, Alex stepped away and I was able to snap a shot (second above) and I was pretty darn excited. My skin felt lighter and even delivered a glow. 
With a retouch of my mascara, and a Marvelous Moxie pout I was ready for my close up and feeling all kinds of beautiful. 

Products Used: 
bare Minerals MATTE Foundation in Medium Dark (N40)
Flawless Face Application Face Brush

Why I Love It......

At 2:00am my makeup was still flawless.... and still felt light and breathable. It was simple to apply the next morning as I employed the contouring techniques Alex shared with me. 

The Coverage.... Whenever my dark spots and under eye circles (yes, I have those) are covered I'm a happy camper. 

Protection.... Infused with Spectrum SPF 15

Free of parabens, synthetic chemicals and fillers....

Now will I abandon my liquid foundation? Well of course not! I'm a beauty gal and I love options when it comes to beauty. 

If you're looking to switch things up a bit in your beauty routine I encourage you to visit your local bare Minerals boutique for a foundation fitting and experience the difference for yourself. 

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