In Chic Hair.... So We're Trying Out Bangs... A How To Guide On Cutting Your Own Bangs At Home

If you're a fabulous reader of this lil' outlet you must know hair is my fave accessory ever! I've been known to be blonde on Monday, Crimson on Tuesday and often times rocking a sassy, cropped finger wave look by Friday. I adore all things hair and have always felt it was an extension of my vibrant personality. 

Often times I'll tweak with my hair a bit and create my own unique style. This week I decided I'd give some bangs a whirl and of course share with my fabulous readers like you! 

On a call handling some biz... As always! 

The Pros: 
Bangs are fun, frame the face well, allow me to show off my pretty brown eyes and accentuate my always over-the-top lashes. 

Bangs instantly update your look and can even make you look younger (still testing this one out). I actually cut my own bangs and a steady hand is something I've mastered after a few mishaps. 

How To: Decide on the type of bangs you want. If you don't feel comfortable cutting your own hair seek  out a professional stylist. If you're fearless like me then grab your scissors and get to work! 

-First things first, start with clean, freshly blown hair. 
-Use hair cutting shears.... Cuticle scissors or household scissors will leave you looking a haute mess! 
-Don't be nervous
-Seperate the hair by clipping all the hair up except for the bangs area.
-NEVER cut straight across
-Pull the hair down no point your scissors up or perpendicular 
-Make sure you have adequate light and little disruptions 
-Trust your instincts... If you believe it's short enough, it probably is! 
-Take a deep breath.... You've got BANGS!