Here She Is.... Très Chic Style Editor Kishana Holland-Johnson is a Delegate in the 2014 Mrs. Nevada-America Pageant


Dear Friends: 

As many of you may already know this life of mine has seen quite the journey..... I have been blessed with unwavering strength and determination to overcome every obstacle and tragedy that I have been faced with. Through my faith I have always believed that there was a plan for my life. So when things didn't turn out the way I expected or wanted, I simply dusted myself off and got back up again... Stronger & Wiser!

I remember being bullied and taunted as a kid for not being the prettiest, skinniest or even the smartest. It was never a good feeling. Then I remembered telling people of my dreams and goals to one day be my own boss and run my own company. Being a little girl from the Breevort Projects in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn goals like those were often seen as unattainable dreams. 

With hard work  determination, prayer, a praying grandmother and supportive parents I set out to prove the world wrong and have been consistently striving for greatness ever since. I made the decision a long time ago that failure wasn't an option and that ALL things were possible no matter the circumstances. 

I made the decision to enter the Mrs. Nevada-America pageant to show the world, especially young women that your dreams can turn into your reality. For me, beauty is more than your outward appearance. Beauty personifies your spirit, vibrancy, character and ability to dream outside of the box. 

In conclusion, I am asking for your support on this journey of a lifetime. Whether it's purchasing a ticket, a table, sponsoring a advertisement, event, saying a prayer or delivering well wishes, I sincerely appreciate you. 

See you on the journey,



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