Thanksgiving Survival Tips... Cooking & Entertaining Made Chic & Simple.

For the first time in years the Très Chic family has decided to forgo cooking at home... After a whirlwind journey around the world, organizing a few philanthropic projects and running for Mrs. Nevada I haven't the time or desire to spend countless hours in the kitchen. 

My chic folks (that's what the I call the hubby and kid) and I are headed out to celebrate turkey day. However, where we're headed remains a mystery (We're the surprise kind of folks) Ha! While many will be doing the opposite and rocking the night away in the kitchen Imposted a few survival tips to get you threw the day with ease. 

-Preparing food in advance is key.... Don't wait till the last minute to season, defrost or stuff that bird. Put on some music the night before, pour a glass of wine and get to work. 
-Relax... Sometimes cooking for an army can be quite the daunting task. You want to make everything perfect and often forget perfection is not always what makes a great holiday gathering. 
-Dealing with family... Regardless of how annoying Uncle Pete can be or how condescending Aunt Sallie seems, they're your family! And holiday or not they're with you forever. 
-Don't sweat the small stuff... So your pie seems a little browned. Dust off the edges and present it as your special creation and dare anyone to comment! 
-Be open to suggestions.... You're reading this post so obviously you're open to other's input. Head to cooking and entertaining websites for helpful tips. 
-Don't forget your hostess duties... While you may be playing chef for the moment no one likes a missing hostess. Take frequent breaks out of the kitchen and mingle with your guests. It'll make them feel special and relieve your stress and exhaustion.