Tres Chic Style's Guide To Surviving Holiday Shopping....

Happy Holidays.. Happy Holidays To You!

I adore this time of year.. It's the perfect excuse to shop, indulge and share in the joys of the season. The retail industry delivers the decorations, in-store music and even Santa a few days after Halloween. I get excited and look forward to countless romps in the mall armed with a strategy, comfy shoes (well I try) and my infamous coupons.

I've compiled a list to get you through the shopping season with ease and a lil' change to spare for that snazzy New Year's Eve look.

  • Coupons.. Coupons... Miss Très Chic LOVES a coupon! Visit daily for coupons, deals and steals from your favorite retailers. 
  • Become mall insiders! Sign up for your local mall's emails and announcements. Often the emails contain special offers and sales. 
  • Apps are not just for social networking! See if your favorite retailer has an app. Download it, subscribe and look for special deals. 
  • Skip shopping on Mondays. There are no sales, the stores are just recovering from the weekend and there's a likelihood sales associates will be less than helpful. No one in retail likes Mondays ( I been there, trust me.)
  • Look for early bird deals! Major retailers offer them and they are so worth it... 
  • Price matching works! Check with your retailers policy and get to comparing... 
  • If you don't love it... DO NOT buy it! After the holiday we're always left with a closet filled with "Why Did I Buy That" purchases. Remember the lavender belt you hade to have??? But never wore! (My point exactly) 
  • Clearance sections are your friends. Yes, they can be messy and unorganized at times but think of that 80% off coat you'll dazzle your friends with. 
Stay tuned for additional tips and tweet me your holiday shopping tips, @TresChicStyle