Chic Holiday Gift Guide: Get Styled With Hot Tools For The Holiday

A gift so fabulous you'll want one or two for yourself.... 

Day Two:

Fabulous hair is always in season and the ingenious folks at Hot Tools have found a way to deliver stylish looks complete with an appliance in beautiful colors and patterns. Hot Tools has long been a trusted name in hair appliances and the "Pretty In Pink" collection is the perfect addition under any beautynista's tree. 

Snag "Just Walked Out of the Salon" looks with the 1" "Pretty In Pink" salon curling iron with nano ceramic. 

What It Does: The nano ceramic emits gentle, far infrared heat (The far end of the infrared spectrum of light is invisible to the eye, but penetrates further than visible wavelengths because it “radiates” – directly heating objects in an area without heating the entire space - through a process of direct light conversion into heat. This is the same way the sun heats (consider how cool it is in the shade), but far infrared heat lacks the dangerous UV rays and other wavelengths that are harmful to us.

It is gentle to your hair, seals the cuticle and eliminates frizz. In as little as 3 minutes your hair is transformed into soft, shiny gorgeous ringlets. Heats up to 430 degrees and comes complete with a hair type chart to help you determine the appropriate setting for your hair texture. It's even safe enough for human and synthetic extensions. 

Bonus Features: 
  • Separate on/off switch
  • Foldaway safety stand
  • Powerful spring clamp
  • BONUS! 2 replacement springs included
  • 8 ft. tangle-free swivel cord
  • One-year warranty

Why We Love It: Well it's PINK! Fab girls adore pretty things and this Hot Tools collection fits the bill. The fast heat-up allows you to get ready with ease minus long wait times for heat-up like regular irons. The extra-long cool tip ensures there's no mishaps and the extra-long thumb grip is pretty handy as well.

 It's simple and easy to recreate your favorite looks with the Hot Tools how-to videos and professional tips on their website as well. And lastly.... It get's hot and STAYS hot! Now does your iron do that???

To Purchase:

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