Cheap & Chic Mother's Day Gift Guide Find: Essenza Luxury Hand Soap

One of my favorite reasons for blogging is the ability to share new products with my fiercely loyal readers (like you). With Mother's Day upon us, there's always the frantic race to snag Mom the perfect gift. I recently discovered the Essenza collection and my hands are literally tingling with excitement. As a busy mommy of two my hands practically live in water. Between laundry, cleaning and dishes, there's no escaping it! 

Essenza affords my hands the luxury of a spa sans the hefty price tag. I have my favorites (which I'll get to in a second) and have placed one in every bathroom in my house, the kitchen and the laundry room. Now back to Mom..... Treat her to a gift basket filled with a few or purchase the entire collection for an awesome surprise. 

Mango Agave
Each soap contains a blend of essential oils, shea butter and aloe. It leaves your skin feeling soft, touchable and moisturized. Scents include: Rosemary Mint, Pear Glace (favorite), South Pacific Waters, Mango Agave (favorite), French Lavender and Pomegranate Acai (favorite).

Essenza products retail for $3.99-$4.99 and can be purchased nationwide at Target, Walgreens and select Bed Bath & Beyond's.