Chic Beauty Bite: Lite it Up & Lengthen Lashes With Dakota Vox Lighted Mascara

$12.99, Beauty 9
Hearts be still...... A mascara that actually lights up!

Those fabulous minds at Dakota Vox heard our cries about applying make up in the car and have come to our beauty rescues. Whether it's a night out on the town or a special evening event, how many times have you used your car visor mirror for a last minute make up check-up? Guilty

Dakota Vox has made it simple with an LED light and a signature formula that glides across lashes without clumping or fading.

Product Details:

  • Packaged in a lighted case with a mirror
  • Simply press the button to turn the LED light on/off
  • Rich Black Pigment
  • Flake Free
  • Silicone brush that even coats lashes minus the clumping

Snag yours, here.