In Chic Beauty: Spring Forth With Style Courtesy of Motions Hair Style & Create Collection

Versatile Foam Styling Lotion, Light Hold Working Spritz,
Light Styling Foam

Styling Options For Gorgeous Spring Hair.....

The "Effortless" Bob" 

Products: Motions Versatile Foam & Styling Lotion
What It Does: Wraps, Sets, Molds and Shapes
Snag The Look: After shampooing & conditioning, prepare to wrap the hair with the styling lotion. Use a wide-tooth comb and evenly distribute product through the hair. 

"Soft Ringlets"

Products: Motions Light Hold Working Spritz
What It Does: Provides flexible hold sans the sticky residue or flaking.
Snag The Look: Lightly mist hair before curling.

"Finger Waves"

Products: Motions Light Styling Foam
What It Does: Provides styling control for wet sets or dry styles.
Snag The Look: Massage the product into towel dried hair, prior to styling.

Motions Hair Products are available at beauty and barber supply shops, food, drug, and mass-market retailers nationwide, as well as