In Chic Home: How To Style a Coffee Table


The focal point of any living room or sitting room is the sofa and the coffee table. These are the two pieces of furniture that are most visible when your guest enter the room. It can easily become a conversation piece and a unique extension of your individual personality. I've compiled a few simple tips to assist you with turning your coffee table into a work of art..... With Style! 

Glass Flower Vase-Marshalls
1. Get "Tray-Chic"....... Decorative trays are wildly popular these days. They add that special something and keep all your items organized on your coffee table.

2. Create some height with a flower, vase or even candles. 

3. Incorporate things you absolutely love. Books, candles and decorative items are my faves. 

Owl-TJ Maxx
Gold Tray-Target

4. Style your table with a few coffee table books or magazines. They will entertain your guests and provide a splash of color. These items should reflect your interests. I am obsessed with all things, Fashion, Oprah and Fashion.... So naturally, Miss O's Guide To Life and Mikki Taylor's homage to First Lady Michelle Obama, "Commander In Chic" are currently making the rounds on my table.

5. Let your decor speak! I chose an owl, because I LOVE anything gold and sparkly along with a tiny Buddha.  These items should reflect who you are. {Sidenote, I am not a Buddhist}

6. Bargains are your BFF.....  Homegoods, Marshalls and TJ Maxx are often my go-to home decor stores, while thrift shops, garage sales and Etsy remain a close second. Did you know Amazon has the BEST deals on coffe table books? I snagged most of my books for less than $5. 

Lastly, just have fun..... There are no rules and remember it's something you can always revamp, switch around and always start over again.