In Chic News: The Carol's Daughter. "Born And Made" Campaign Empowers Beauty & Your Spirit

The F. Gary Gray Summer Blockbuster "Straight Outta Compton" implored individuals to share their "Straight Outta" chronicles with the world via social media. The memes are virtually everywhere and serves as a reminder of our individual pride and spirit as to where we hail from *In my Biggie voice, "Where Brooklyn At"*

Carol's Daughter has long been a champion for encouraging women to own and declare their beauty. The iconic beauty powerhouse founded by Lisa Price has been delivering a bevy of must-have products that ironically come "Straight Out Of Brooklyn". The latest project "Born And Made" is empowering women to celebrate their heritage.

The Born And Made Campaign "Isn't just another campaign, it's a commitment in the form of a partnership with the on-profit organization I Am That Girl", states Lisa Price. Their collaborative mission for is designed for girls and women to understand and recognize their own power while celebrating themselves and others. 

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