Chic Tech Gadget Alert: Tablift by Nbrite Review

Laptops are nice...... but honestly, I LOVE my IPad!  I can spend hours watching Netflix, catch up with the cool kids on Facebook and even do a little blogging on the go. The huge problem I've always encountered with any tablet was getting it positioned at the perfect angle on my lap.

I recently discovered an ingenious idea that not only solved my dilemma, but increased my productivity tremendously. Designed by Nbryte, the Tablift is an entirely new kind of tablet stand. It's universally designed and works with virtually any tablet. The groundbreaking patented design allows hands-free use while sitting and even lying in bed. 

The Deets: Tablift can easily work on the couch or any uneven surface. The stand allows you adjust to 3 unique positions. There are three grooves to choose from. The Back position for sitting, The middle for reclining and Forward for lying flat. Tablift easily unfolds and has flexible legs for stability. 
Why We Adore It: 

  • Tablift is the greatest travel companion ever. It alleviates the stress of locating a laptop bar while you're in the airport. You can snag a seat at your gate, get some work done and be the envy of your fellow travelers. 
  • Fold and packs away easily in your bag.
  • Perfect on the kitchen counter while I'm cooking dinner.
  • The ability to work in comfort..... No more sitting at my desk to get work done! 
  • Tablift has a generous elastic band that allows your tablet to be viewed in portrait or landscape. 
  • Finally able to watch a Sex and The City marathon on HBO Go without propping my IPad up on pillows. 
Snag yours at Tablift, Amazon or Walmart
The best $59.95 you'll ever spend, this I promise you!