Chic DIY Jewelry Organizers & Holders

I adore a Chic DIY project....

DIY projects are the perfect time filler for a lazy Saturday,  a snow day activity or an amazing way to tap into your creative side.

If you're a fabulous reader of this blog you're quite aware of my affinity for accessories. My love of jewlery has taken over just about every drawer, dresser and counter in my bedroom, closet, bathroom and even my laundry room at times.... I LOVE jewelry!

As we're moving towards Spring (all be it slowly, but moving),  we get the hankering to organize and snatch things into place. I dicovered a few chic jewelry organzing DIY's and of course I wanted to share....

Glass Cloche: We've spied these glass domed beauties at Homegoods and Marshalls. Often times reserved for delectable desserts and treats. Cloches instantly up the ante on glamour and deliver a chic addition to any room. Stash your favorite arm candy, earrings or rings inside and you're all set!

Muffin Pans: Who knew your bakeware could double as an organizer. With an array of styles to choose from these days, you can spray paint, bedazzle or simply drop your trinkets in and Voila..... DIY Genius!