Tres Chic Style Celebrates 10 YEARS of Blogging.....

My little world of Tres Chic Style has been ridiculously amazing to me. This October I celebrated 10 years of blogging and reflected on the many events, experiences and opportunities that I have been afforded. From dashing through the snow (in stilettos) through Bryant Park for Fashion Week… The original home before you newbies descended uptown to Lincoln Center to living it up a’la Puffy Style in the Hamptons at the Ciroc “House”.

Through this journey I have met so many wonderful and not- so wonderful folks and created relationships that have stood the test of time. My greatest accomplishment with the brand has been my Tres Chic Foundation. Through partnerships and an unwavering support and a tenacious spirit of love we’ve had the ability to deliver Christmas gifts to children in over 20 countries.  Our successful “Santa Never Forgets” project has delivered smiles, tears and an overwhelming feeling of joy in my heart.

So in ten years… Where do we even go from here??

Well a little birdie told me “Keep On Pushing”….. So I listened and as we celebrate this milestone, I want to thank each and every one of you who have taken the time to peek in on my little outlet, send me an email, tweet, comment and our AMAZING partners who trust our opinion and candor to deliver the best reviews… without that fluff & stuff!

Look forward to us switching things up a bit… Just a lil’ bit! Tres Chic Style will continue until the wheels fall off this train… And by the looks of it, we’re full steam ahead.