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Greetings Fabulous Ones...

Sending you love and light from Alaska. I am still partaking in a world-wind adventure and shaking things up a bit in the awesome city of Ketchikan.

Between hopping on and off of boats... Fly Fishing and crusing the docks, there's barely a quiet moment. My life is a unique BLESSING and I treat it as such and savor every minute of it's majesty. 

Fall is upon is so I'm rethinking my beauty routine and looking forward to rocking layers, fab sweaters and BOOTS!!!

Nothing screams fall like layers... And Accessories!!! 
From hats to luxe scarves, Miss Tres Chic is here for all of it. 

What are you up to this season and what's your fave Fall Style must-have?  

Drop a comment below or sashay on by my Instagram and dish. 

As always, your support of my brand is appreciated...

Stay Fabulous...
XO, Shana


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