Staying Chic & Fabulous During Quarantining....

Greetings Fabulous Ones....

It's week two and this quarantining life ain't getting any easier. We long for the days of cocktails, shopping and simply enjoying the outdoors sans panic or fear. A trip to the local Walmart has created sheer panic for me these days. With masks and latex gloves pulling disappearing acts in retailers worldwide, we have no choice but to get crafty with our protection gear. I never depart without gloves and often use a scarf that I transform into a chic bandana to cover and conceal my face area.

The fear of the unknown has often gotten the best of me and has me reaching in the fridge to cook versus supporting my local eateries with to-go options. When will be able to return to our normal lives or is this the new "normal" we must acquiesce to? In an attempt to relieve my own stress I've compiled a few tips to keep your spirits high and your days filled with a dash of FABULOUS.....

  • Attempt to keep your morning routine as normal as possible. Awake at your designated time, open those blinds and let the sunshine in. 
  • Allow Alexa to do her job and provide you with a jump start to your day. Select a song that motivates you, makes you smile or bust' a two-step!
  • Take that extra 5 minutes in the bathroom... It's not like you have a subway to catch!

  • Skip the full face of makeup (if you choose.... as for me and my house, we gon' do lashes) and opt for a tinted moisturizer and a lil' bronzer. Moisturize your pout and let lip gloss be your friend.  We're all partaking in Zoom meetings and you still want to look cute!
  • Plan your meals! Don't use quarantining as an excuse to make endless trips to the refrigerator. Small, light snacks will quickly invigorate you and keep you from feeling sluggish or lethargic throughout the work day. 

  • Prioritize your time. If it doesn't require your immediate attention.... It can wait! This goes for emails as well, folks are frantic at home and often feel you're just home doing nothing. Be professional and remember two words... Self Care!