2020 Chic Happenings, Ramblings & Things....

In a few short days we'll bid farewell to the year that will forever go down in history as 2020. The year swept in and shook us all in one fell swoop. 

Along with losing dear friends and loved ones as a resultof that disrespectful Covid, 2020 left me vulnerable, at times broken and afraid. It taught me the true meaning of gratitude and allowed me to shift my focus to what really matters.... Me!

Along with it's trials, 2020 also delivered a few triumphs, like....

• Holland Group PR transitioned into the Brand Strategy sector
•Tres Chic Tees was born and available in 9 U.S. airports 
•Pieces By Shana was picked up by 4 retailers 
•Holland Group PR will be opening a second location in Atlanta, GA 
•The Tres Chic Foundation assisted a record number of families on Christmas Eve. 

Zero Complaints.... Always Grateful!