In Chic Beauty: Skin Care 101- Answers Here

With the pandemic looming over our heads.. (seems like forever), it's the perfect time to indulge in a lil' self care. I indulge in self care every darn chance I get. Whether it's devouring my fave snack (chocolate ganache cake), partaking in a at home mani-pedi session or sashaying into Sephora and exhaling all the stresses of the world... I am so IN!

Treating yourself to a great skin care regimen isn't only self care - its is necessary! I'm always asked if I utilize filters on my 7,000+ Instagram posts or if I airbrush my professional head shots. The answers are No & No. I wasn't blessed with amazing skin. I suffered from acne break outs and hyper-pigmentation issues just like most women. The difference is I learned what works for my skin and what makes it GLOW!

Continue reading as I share my fave skin care go-to's....

Getting To The Surface: Cleansers, Scrubs & Peels I Adore...


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