Holiday Happenings, Chic Ramblings & What Nots....

The holidays have a way of delivering the good... the fab AND the oh' so chic. 

In the spirit of the season I'm reflecting on the fab moments of yesteryear and all the joy 2021 has brought. New business, new partnerships and a re-branding on the way. 

As a purveyor of Style and Brand Strategy, my business and fashion worlds often collide. In a world so heavily saturated in normal and basic it can be difficult at times to maneuver while creating a personal style you love and adore. 

STYLE is life. 
It's a form of self-expression. Your unique identity and for some (Ahem, ME), it's their super power. At the end of the day my premise is simple - 
I'm all about creating a life that I love with a closet & style that I LOVE and assisting others in the process. 

I'm also enthusiastically looking forward to a stylish 2022 and all the Blessings it will deliver. 

How about you?

Y'all stay fab & chic....
Merry Christmas!
XO, Kishana