And Just Like That.... Quarantine Is Back In Full Effect


Ringing in a new year signifies new beginnings, new experiences and often times BIG plans. However Covid and it's merry band of variants has once again showed us who's the REAL Boss in town. With cases spiking at dizzying rates folks are taking extra steps to stay safe as we enter another season of the unknown. 

To Go Out Or Not Go Out???? So just like that we're back to That life.....

While I've been Blessed to receive negative Covid tests even in the midst of my many travels, I am diligent in wearing my masks, I slip on my gloves when touching just about anything and have sprayed enough hand sanitizer to own stock in small pharmaceutical company. These streets are NOT safe and there are ZERO games being played in the fab world of Tres Chic land. 

Y'all stay safe out there, count your Blessings and stay FABULOUS....