New Year... Chic Happening's & A Whole Lot To Say....

I've NEVER been the type to just sit, grin and bear it. My Grandma Newt would always remind me to let God fight all my battles and to just be STILL. While I adore my Grandmother and all she taught me that philosophy just never did it for me. Never...

The last few weeks of 2021 I began to think of how I wanted to change things up a bit with my brand for the new year. As a purveyor of style and all things fabulous it's easy to get caught up in a box of all the "Pretty". While you'll find my Instagram filled to the brim with stylish moments and some snazzy experiences, you'll hardly ever receive a glimpse of what I'm truly feeling and thinking from day to day. 

While this outlet has delivered opportunity, experiences and some fun along the way, I have soooo much more I want to say. When I began building my brand almost 20 years ago I was always urged to stay away from issues of race, politics or anything that would possibly make others uncomfortable. So I attended editorial soirees, remained polite, wrote about fashion & beauty, dressed to the nines and kept it all the way moving. 

Today I am soooo not that 20 something girl from Brooklyn playing the "Game" to ensure I get invited to the best NYFW events, posh gifting suites or stay on a brand's good side to be considered for a sponsored post or ad. That girl is now 40 something, confident in her skills, expertise and ready to share it ALL with the world. I hope you stick around for the ride as it's sure to be a FABULOUS one. 

See Ya Soon,