Do Friendships Have An Expiration Date?

The new year brings about new resolutions, new goals and sadly new people to dismiss from your life. I'm a firm believer that not all friendships were made to last forever. The people who I attended elementary school with may be a Facebook add but not necessarily considered a friend. My ability to live, thrive and often vacation and dine alone leaves me in a peculiar place at times when I think of the word friendship. 

Growing up in a tight-knit Christian family I was always warned about friends and outsiders. I can still hear my Grandmother and Aunt Lillie constantly reminding me that "Your fiends may come and go but your family is forever". This mantra shaped my early experiences of friendship and often plays a part in my daily interactions with other women. 

Recently I took inventory of some folks I've known almost my entire life and thought about what they contribute to my life. Some deliver absolutely nothing while some have had their moments - yet still not enough for me to substantiate an existence in my everyday life. It makes me wonder if friendships are like seasons. They come, they go, add some beauty and fade away after time. 

I'm all about meaningful relationships yet I'll never place an obligation of friendship in front of my overall happiness. Nope.. Nah.. Never!
At this point I'm going to acknowledge that all friendships have a shelf life and move accordingly.