In Chic Beauty: 44, Fabulous & Considering Botox... My Journey. My Story.

In a few short months I'll be partaking in my 45th trip around the sun. These glorious trips seem to speed around with ease, offer the occasional grandiose fan fare and numerous close-ups in the mirror. 

Growing up with the mantra "Black Don't Crack" had me believing all my skin needed was a lil" moisturizer, sunscreen and I was out' the door. To my recollection all the women in family had amazing skin. The need for injectables never even crossed my mind.

Somewhere in my 20's I begin to rethink my skincare routine and added moisturizers, toners and serums to the mix. In my 30's it was all about the BB creams and hyaluronic acid. Now here comes the 40's ushering in a new era filled with injectables to firm and to ensure that "Black Don't Crack" mindset still holds true. 

And while Black women may not have to deal with some of the obvious signs of aging as our caucasian counterparts, we do however deal with sagging and deflating skin at times. For some in the Black community, facials were as far as many would go. The insurgence of microneedling, laser treatments and yes, even Botox are now an essential in the beauty arsenal.

I recently discussed the possibility of getting a lil' Botox to refresh my look with a friend. In unison we both glanced at each other with an affirming "Yes Girl" and began to share our areas of mutual concern. In case you missed the memo, Botox (affectionately known as "Tox") has become the gold standard in neuromodulators that paralyze muscles. Botox is great for smoothing and minimizing fine lines. 

The most common areas of injection are the areas of facial expression such as the frown lines, crow's feet and the "11s" (the area  between your eyebrows). And this girl is down for all of it! 
There was once a stigma in the Black community when it came injectables or any kind of cosmetic procedures. Times are changing and my decisions are just that.... MY decisions. 

And while we haven't scheduled our Botox date just yet, we're doing a little research and in the midst of locating a professional to adequately assess our needs while minimizing the risks of adverse reactions.

Stay tuned for more on my Botox journey....