In Chic Fashion: 5 New Year's Style Tips To Save You Money & Closet Space

This year I'm all about shopping less, shopping better and refining my look in the process. The past two years of pandemic life has uniquely altered the way we live, shop and ultimately thrive in the world. Work days, vacay days and just about everyday has felt the effects of a new normal. One positive takeaway from the at-home time is the ability to re-evaluate our wardrobe needs and wants. The practice of holding on to old pieces that never get worn or buying new ones that may only see a single wear is getting old and often times down right expensive. 

Below I'm breaking down 5 wardrobe resolutions that will allow you to make space, save a few coins and look your best in the process. 

1. Don't Buy Something Just Because It's a Bargain

While we all adore a 70% off sale anytime of the year, it's hardly a deal if the item sits at the back of our closets never seeing the light of day. 

2. Create a Uniform

The key to always looking good is knowing what looks good on you. One of the biggest misconceptions of being stylish is that you should never buy something similar to what you already own. While it's never my intention to own a closet full of black slacks and wide brim hats, it's a formula for me and indicative of my personal style. And Yes, It Works!

3. Skip The Trends

Just because everyone else is wearing it doesn't necessarily mean you have to wear it too. Do stirrup pants or palazzo pants ring any bells? Shopping well means shopping for classic finds that will transition from decade to decade... NOT season to season. 

4. Become BFF's With Your Closet

It's time to become reacquainted with your closet. Dig deep in the back and discover those pieces that may have become forgotten during pandemic life. Toss what you don't want and create new looks with what you keep.

5. Invest In What You Already Own

As we approach yet another impending lockdown it may be the time to watch your spending. Repairing designer shoes may be more cost affective than buying a new pair. Tap into your local seamstress, shoe repair or handbag restoration companies. It's worth spending money to get things fixed versus buying them over and over again.