In Chic Fashion: Dress Your Way To Happy With The Dopamine Dressing Trend

The past two (or three, depending who you ask) years of pandemic life has left us with a dismal grey cloud of emotions dealing with Covid-19, a lackluster political climate and a magnification of racial disparities to name a few. These emotions leave us seeking joy, indulging in self care AND incorporating a lil' color in the style mix these days. 

"Dopamine Dressing" is a term popping up everywhere and even has a section on the Asos website dedicated to the burgeoning trend. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that's released on the brain when one receives pleasure. Dopamine dressing is based on the theory that we can experience joy through fashion by wearing bright hues. We often associate colors with certain feelings. From the calming effects of blues to the optimism of yellow, color can dictate your overall mood. 

I've always embraced the idea of experimenting with fashion. From bright punchy hues to the muted black on black that monopolized my earlier years in New York, my closet is a kaleidoscope of  "Happy". These little pieces of happy drastically improve my outlook during these dark times, deliver a glimpse into my personal style and exudes confidence like no other. 

The trend is leading is gaining momentum as seen on the runways and on our fave Instagram influencers. And while the explosion of color is something to be embraced, frolicking through the streets like a bag of skittles may not be the entire goal. My advice is to find your way, identify what works for you and style your way to happy one fabulous color at a time.