In Chic Fashion: Dressed In All Black Like The Omen

Once you go Black....

These days all Black erry'thang has been finding its way into my daily look. There was a time when the rich, classic hue dominated my closet. Black was my uniform and my go-to when I lived in New York.

Fast forward and when I see myself in head to toe Black I feel like I'm in mourning. And while it's chic and sophisticated it leaves me with a lil' less pep in my step.

Color has a distinct way of defining our inner happy. Living in the South my closet is an arsenal of vibrant colors and punchy patterns. Colors have an indescribable super power and can take over any room.

What's your take on color these days? Are you loving it or are you feeling like a Lil' Kim video these days....

Thus, the title. If you didn't get it, google it!