Random Thoughts... Fab Updates & Chic Happenings

Is it really February already?? Like wasn't I just celebrating New Year's Eve last weekend? 

The frigid temps have my wardrobe pulling out all the accessory stops with my signature over the top wide brim hats, scarves, stoles (I often wear a fur stole over my coats or just draping the shoulder for a dramatic effect) and outerwear I haven't worn in years. I didn't really get into boots this season instead I opted for cute heels and oftentimes bare legs. Being a purveyor of fashion I adore experimenting with new and old pieces and creating a look all my own. 

In Fab News.....

I'm currently re-launching my Real Talk With Kishana podcast to include fashion & lifestyle topics. Initially it was devoted to business and solely an extension of my Holland Group PR brand, however with so much foolery going in the world, I believe there's a need for engaging dialogue. Excited to bring on some guest-hosts and interview some amazing folks.
Stay tuned for additional deets!

Still annoyed that Omicron is wreaking havoc on all the fab folks attempting to live & enjoy life. While I wear my mask at all times, honestly I am soooo over it. 
In case you missed the memo... When you're donning a full-on face beat slipping that mask on & off is like a Broadway production. And let's not even get into the days I'm wearing hoop or chandelier earrings. Talk about a nightmares.. The elastic going on the earrings can be a total mess!
I probably own about 100 masks, essentially because I make & sell them too via Tres Chic Boutique.. Cute ones too!
Each mask is unique in design and chosen daily on a case by case basis depending on the style and material. 
Regardless of the many compliments and inquiries I am over this mask life!

I am however looking forward to.....
  • A quick Disney vacay in March. I was just there for Christmas but will welcome a trip to see my real boyfriend Mickey Mouse any chance I get.
  • Sex And The City Season 2?? I have loved the girls and their fashion since the inception and need to know if they'll return for another season. 
  • Going to sit in a movie theater again... Although I'm in no rush, Omicron ain't done with us yet! But I miss the experience, the overpriced snacks and reminding someone to take their feet off the chair beside me. *Insert Eye Roll Here* 
  • Botox!!! Still on my journey to finding the right injector however I cannot wait. With this being my first dance with the tox, I'm taking zero chances. Checking credentials, taking referrals and then some. 
  • My Birthday!!! April 4 is my actual birthday, however I celebrate all month long in true Aries style.
So as you can see, there's never a dull or uneventful moment in THIS chic life... 
Like Never!

Keep It Chic & Keep It Fab...
XO, Shana