Fakes are Never in Fashion: New York Eyes a Plan to Send Fashionista's to Jail for Buying Them...

The great debate of counterfeit couture has caused quite a controversy in the news once again. Canal St. in New York City has long been a destination for eager tourists but also doubles a counterfeit heaven.

 It's the only place in the world where you can snag head to toe luxury goods, a bevy of designer labels and leave with  change to actually tip the parking lot attendant. A few years ago I did an editorial about the rampant sale of counterfeit goods and how New Yorker's have gone mad for them. Check it out Here: http://www.treschicstyle.net/2007/12/fakes-are-never-in-fashion-part-iii.html

In a press conference yesterday on the steps of City Hall, New York City Council Member Margaret Chin stated "Buying counterfeit is a crime and it's time we get serious about tackling this demand for fake goods," 

The bill would make knowingly buying items with counterfeit trademarks a class 'A' misdemeanor. The penalty: a fine of up to one thousand dollars and/or one year in jail. *Geesh* Under this new law police would have to catch you actually buying the fake merchandise. Now does this make snagging the latest Louis Vuitton a crime... Well Possibly! 

Take a look at the video and utilize the comment section to share your thoughts....