Guess Who's Back.... All My Children Returns In A Dramatic Comeback

Glamours and unapologetic grandeur has returned to daytime television with the reprisal of two of the most iconic and beloved soap operas in television history. If you're a fabulous reader of Tres Chic Style you're aware of my love affair with all things Pine Valley. This fashion frenzied odyssey was one of my first introductions into the world of fashion. While most kids were watching cartoons and Nickolodean I was tuned into All My Children.

On September 23, 2011 the curtains were ceremoniously drawn on my dear old "friends". It was an end of an era and a bittersweet moment for the millions of fans like me that tuned in each day. Reports circulated shortly after that the drama would continue one day on a digital platform. The day is FINALLY here and the fab folks at Prospect Park launched the revival today on Hulu. 30 minute episodes will be posted daily at 5amET/2amPT . Watch, HERE.