Surviving Quarantine In Style

Qurantine Life Can Be a Good Life....

Yes, you read that correctly! Utilize this time at home to indulge in your favorite hobby, catch up on reading, learn a new skill, perfect that recipe you've been working on AND snag a tip or two from this fab little blog.

At the beginning of the pandemic I shared a few tips about Staying Chic & Fabulous during quarantining, here's a few more to add to the list......

I'm all about the beauty but there is no beauty without great skin. Sneak in that extra bottle of water (water does wonders for your skin), never sleep in your foundation and moisturize with a vengeance.

  • Create your own at-home beauty ritual to stay Zoom ready in the mornings. Skip online shopping (save money too)  and opt for items in your kitchen. Cucumbers work like magic on tired eyes and can even brighten under eye circles. Head over to Pinterest for some of the best DIY spa treatments on the internet. I adore a sugar scrub and some of my all time faves have come from my own two hands.. oh' and sugar too! 

With no real places to go, many are just schlepping around the house in scarves and bonnets (the horror) and only getting dressed for the occasional virtual party or Walmart run (well some do). Please don't be that GIRL!

When you look good, you feel better AND your hair should be no exception. If it's too much to pick up a flat iron, then opt for a fabric head wrap and make it do what it do.....

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Empower yourself to say NO! That means anything that doesn't make you smile, make you think or make you better... Should probably be taking a back seat right now. I skip numerous virtual party invites *Insert Eye Roll Here*. Not only am I not one for small talk, I prefer to spend my time honing my skills, my God given talents and focusing on my biz (But that's just me...). Now don't think I'm an obnoxious snob that's all about chasing a coin, but everyone is not worth my time or energy. Realize what makes you happy and lend your time to projects and experiences that are worthy of your attention. Partaking in a lil' two step with D-Nice Quarantine Party is cute and all, but I have an Alexa and could be using that precious 2-3 hours of my life to monetize my own virtual event..

Lastly, social media can be your friend or worst enemy during this difficult time in our lives. Choose wisely and live life knowing we will get through this.... With Grace & STYLE!

Be Blessed,